remote-first: I’ve been teaching & working primarily online since long before the pandemic – so the level of remote support you receive is backed by years of experience.

I offer classes in Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science; as well as application, interview, and careers guidance for high school students. I’ve also taught and/or worked at all of the Russell group universities in London – covering courses in Physics, Machine learning, Python, C++, and MATLAB.

Aside from this, I’ve worked at a few renowned companies and organisations (more details on my CV, available upon request).

See below for a list of qualifications.

High School

Support is mostly focused on STEM subjects and careers guidance for sixth-formers; especially for IB diploma and A-level students – though on occasion I teach IB MYP and (I)GCSE too.

My approach is to firstly find gaps in a student’s knowledge of the syllabus, and then devise a teaching approach which is tailored to the individual. Having been home-schooled myself, I appreciate the advantages of bespoke at-your-own-pace learning.

As well as covering the syllabus, I offer essay & assessment writing advice, as well as careers & applications guidance, and interview prep.


Guidance focused on programming, maths, and physics.

For private tutoring, this has mostly focused on students seeking extra support after changing careers or switching degrees.

In terms of formal teaching, I’ve designed, taught, and assisted with a variety of programming language courses (Python, C++, and MATLAB) and subjects (Machine learning, Physics, and Mathematics) at Imperial, KCL, and the LSE. I’ve also been employed as a researcher at UCL, KCL, and the LSE.

My Qualifications

My qualifications include BSc (Hons) (Physics) and MSc (Distinction) (Computer Science) degrees from the Department of Physics and Department of Computing, respectively, at Imperial College London; and a PhD (Deep Learning for Medical Imaging) from the Medical Imaging CDT at King’s College London.

I also used to be a chess tutor/trainer for novice to intermediate players (as a former Kenya National Junior Champion, college team captain in Oxford, and ECF member).


Titles & Memberships

Further info on my extra-curricular pursuits can be found here.

My students can find resources below (Forgotten Username/Password). Links are deactivated if not accessed for over 30 days.